2nd African Philosophy World Conference (UNICAL 2017)

2nd African Philosophy World Conference (UNICAL 2017)
The State of African Philosophy in Africa Today

For three consecutive days (September 9-11, 2015) the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa was host to African philosophers at the 1st African Philosophy World Conference. The exceedingly successful conference had the theme, “African Philosophy: Past, Present and Future”. At that momentous meeting, participants discussed a number of issues in African philosophy as well as took stock of the strides made in the field. At the end of the conference, many issues around the gap areas in African philosophy were identified and a biennial conference that will address these issues was recommended.
It is with this in mind that we are happy to organize the next conference which will jointly be hosted by the University of Calabar, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, University of the Witwatersrand, and in collaboration with the University of Ibadan, University of Johannesburg, University of Port Harcourt and The Conversational School of Philosophy (CSP).
We are therefore happy to announce that the 2nd African Philosophy World Conference will take place 12-14 October, 2017 at the University of Calabar, Nigeria with the theme: “The State of African Philosophy in Africa Today”.

The conference organizing committee kindly invites submission of original papers on the conference theme or any of the subthemes below:

  1. Consolidating on the gains and progress that have been made so far in African philosophy.
  2. Improving the nature and reach of African philosophy with regard to curricula, dissemination of research and collaborations.
  3.  African philosophy and the problem of relevance: Issues of people’s self-conceptions; pressing social controversies and dilemmas; economics and jobs; etc.
  4. Major issues and developments in African philosophy in contemporary Africa: Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone and Arabic African philosophical circles.
  5. Emerging systems/schools in African philosophy.
  6. African philosophy and intercultural engagements.
  7. African philosophy and the questions of climate change and the environment.
  8. Women participation in African philosophy.
  9. African philosophy and intellectual history.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

  1. Professor Mogobe Ramose, University of Limpopo, Sovenga, South Africa
  2. Professor Lucius Outlaw, Vanderbilt University, USA
  3. Professor Thaddeus Metz, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
  4. Professor Paulin Hountondji, National University of Benin, Republic of Benin
  5. Professor Innocent Asouzu, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Please send an abstract of not more than 300 words for blind review to africanphilosophyproject@gmail.com by Tuesday February 28, 2017.Notification of acceptance will be sent latest by Friday March 31, 2017. Completed paper must be submitted by Friday September 15, 2017.Conference website: http://csp.unical.edu.ng/  Tel: +234 8066003714.

Conference participants will be required to pay a nominal conference registration fee.

Conference Organizing Committee:
Jonathan Chimakonam, PhD (UNICAL)
Ike Odimegwu, PhD (UNIZIK)
Edwin Etieyibo, PhD (Wits)

Promote this conference with: #THEBIGGEST!
It is planned to be the biggest African Philosophy conference to take place before the year 2017.

2nd CFP: African Philosophy and Global Justice

CFP: African Philosophy and Global Justice

Special Issue of Philosophical Papers
Editor: Uchenna Okeja, Rhodes University

This special issue will provide an avenue for philosophers to do African philosophy on global justice. Global justice discourse is concerned with the transnational distribution of goods and justice. ‘The true path to peace is shared development. If we do not want war to go global, justice must go global.’
(Lula, Former President of Brazil) We invite philosophers working within the African tradition to contribute to this discourse. Given the push to globalize the discourse on global justice, it is imperative to critically engage the potential contributions of African thought to this growing field.
Philosophical Papers invites submissions for a special issue devoted to the perspectives of African philosophy on global justice. Suggested questions for discussion include:
•       From the perspective of African philosophy, how should we define global justice?
•       What visions of global justice can we glean from African philosophers such as Kwasi Wiredu (sympathetic impartiality), Odera Oruka (human minimum) etc?
•       Given the egalitarian intuitions implicit in social practices and institutions in African societies (the concept of extended family, for instance), what model of global society/justice is most coherent?
•       Is African philosophy a struggle for global epistemic justice? And what does this mean for the debate on global justice?
•        What are the principles of global justice in African philosophy and why are they plausible?
•       What does Ubuntu have to say about global justice?
The deadline for submissions is 1 October 2016. This issue of Philosophical Papers, comprising both invited and submitted articles, will appear in March of 2017.
Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, as a pdf- or word-document attachment, to <philosophical.papers@ru.ac.za>. Authors must include their full name, affiliation, and address for email correspondence with their submission.
Further enquires may be addressed to either Uchenna Okeja at <u.okeja@ru.ac.za> or Ward E. Jones at <w.jones@ru.ac.za>.

CFP: Philosophical Society of Southern Africa 2017

Call for Abstracts for the Philosophical Society of Southern Africa Conference, 16-18 January 2017
Rhodes University, Grahamstown (South Africa)
Deadline: 31 October 2016

This is the second call for papers for the annual conference of the Philosophical Society of Southern Africa.

The conference will be organized and hosted by the Department of Philosophy at Rhodes University.

The dates of the conference are Monday 16 – Wednesday 18 January, 2017.

Plenary speaker: Charles Mills (Northwestern University).

The conference has no overall theme, and papers in all areas of philosophy are welcome. Abstracts of around 300 words should reach the conference organisers by 31 October 2016. Please submit to: w.jones@ru.ac.za with the subject-line ‘PSSA Submission’. We have capacity for 75 speakers. Paper sessions will be 55 minutes long.

The conference organizers would like PSSA 2017 to pay special attention to the topic of teaching philosophy in Africa; those interested in contributing in some way to this discussion should contact Pedro Tabensky at p.tabensky@ru.ac.za. The conference organizers welcome suggestions for other themed sessions or panels, to be advertised at a future date.

Confirmation of papers accepted for the conference will take place by 20 November 2016. If you require this information at an earlier date (e.g. in order to obtain funding), please indicate this with your submission.

As in past years, participants of the conference will be able to send their presentations for possible inclusion in a special 2017 conference edition of the *South African Journal of Philosophy*. Papers are due 30 March, 2017. Please note that submissions must be made online at http://rsph.edmgr.com/.

The registration fee for the conference is R450, to cover teas/coffees and lunches.

The conference venue is the Eden Grove Building, on the Rhodes campus.

On-campus accommodation during the conference will be available: for information, emailconference@ru.ac.za. Off-campus accommodation within walking distance from the conference venue is also available.

Transport to and from Grahamstown (nearest airports are in Port Elizabeth [90 minutes] and East London [two hours]) should be arranged by the delegates themselves. Airport shuttles to and from Grahamstown: Blunden <reservations@blunden-tours.co.za>, Van Rensburg <vrtours@imaginet.co.za>, JC’s < jcshuttle@telkomsa.net>.

For any general queries regarding the conference, email Marius Vermaak atm.vermaak@ru.ac.za.

Please distribute widely.

Aristotle 2016 Colloquium: First Call for Papers

“Aristotle 2016 Colloquium
21 NOVEMBER 2016

Papers are invited for a colloquium organised by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pretoria in celebration of Aristotle’s 2400th birth year.

Details of abstracts:

  • All areas of Aristotle’s work may be covered, but preference will be given to papers on his metaphysics, logic and ethics
  • Submissions from faculty and graduate students welcome
  • Abstracts (350 words) should reach Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem (emma.ruttkamp-bloem@up.ac.za) on or before 15 October 2016
  • Acceptance letters will be sent by 21 October 2016
  • There will be 20-30 minute slots, depending on the number of papers selected
  • There are only 12-14 slots available

Venue & Fee

  • The venue will be on the University of Pretoria Hatfield Campus in Pretoria, and will be specified in the second CFP
  • The colloquium fee will be minimal to cover coffee/tea and lunch and will be announced in the second CFP


  • Accommodation is participants’ own responsibility (information with regards to accommodation close to the university will be given in the second CFP)
  • For reasons of space non-participants must also please inform us (emma.ruttkamp-bloem@up.ac.za) of their intention to attend”




Venue: University of Ghana, Legon-Accra, Ghana

Date: August 11-12, 2016

Duration: Two days with possibility of tour of Ghana’s major tourist destinations at weekend

Theme: Democracy, Justice and Development in Africa, 50 years after independence.

Thematic Areas


Which democracy for Africa? The experience of post-colonial Africa in identifying and applying different approaches to government. Western partisan democratic models in the African context and its challenges. Is this the best system for Africa? What alternatives and what is the way forward?


Which justice and justice for who? Is there an African standard for justice? This opens up the debate on human rights, on the definition and conception of corruption, on inclusion and marginalization, etc.


African nations are often referred to as developing countries. What does this really mean? What concept of development? Are there any societies that are not developing countries?

The topic is open to philosophers and thinkers from various fields who would like to carry out a historical analysis of any of the above topics or to offer perspectives on how to move forward in the future.

Five decades of independence in many African countries offers a good background to be able to look at how certain models have been applied and the successes and failures that have been recorded so far.

Philosophical and inter-disciplinary papers will contribute to a rich discussion and debate on these topics.

Interested participants should send their abstracts to isapslegon2016@ug.edu.gh

Abstract format: Times New Roman 12 point. Maximum 500 words

Deadline for abstract submission: End of April, 2016

Early submissions are encouraged, especially for those interested in seeking conference travel/accommodation grants.

Arrangements are being made with a major journal of philosophy for a special edition focusing on especially well written and significant papers that will emerge from this conference. Arrangements are also being made for a book chapter with a reliable publisher for other papers that may not fit into this special edition.

Suggestions for keynote speakers for ISAPS Legon 2016 should be sent to isapslegon2016@ug.edu.gh.

CALL FOR PAPERS: ‘Transforming and Africanizing the Philosophy Curriculum’

CALL FOR PAPERS: ‘Transforming and Africanizing the Philosophy Curriculum’

(Special issue of the South African Journal of Philosophy)
Guest Editor: Edwin Etieyibo (University of the Witwatersrand)

In recent past there have been sustained debates and discussions in various quarters regarding the need to reflect on what we, as academics, are teaching students. These discussions have been cashed out within the broader arena of transformation and curriculum development. In these discussions there hasn’t been much on what it will mean to develop and transform the philosophy curriculum, and what the direction will be for an Africanized philosophy curriculum in universities in Africa.

This special issue of the South African Journal of Philosophy will gather together selected presentations from the “Africanizing the Philosophy Curricula in Universities in Africa” workshop that was held at the University of the Witwatersrand on Wednesday 16 September, 2015.

 Confirmed contributors to the Special Edition are:

 _Dr. David Martens (Wits)

 _Professor Ramose Mogobe (UNISA)

 _Professor Lucy Allais (Wits)

 _Professor Barry Hallen (Morehouse College, USA)

 _Dr. Edwin Etieyibo (Wits)

 _Professor Thaddeus Metz (University of Johannesburg)

 _Dr. John Lamola (Fort Hare)

 _Professor Pedro Tabensky (Rhodes University)

A further five contributions are here solicited to complement contributions from presenters at the workshop. Submissions should focus on the following topics:

 _Is Curriculum Transformation and Development Important?

 _Ought the Philosophy Curriculum in Universities in Africa be Africanized?

 _What does it mean to Africanize the Philosophy Curriculum?

 _Is it Possible to Africanize the Philosophy Curriculum in Universities in Africa?

 _What are the Prospects, Problems and Challenges of Africanizing the Philosophy Curriculum in Universities in Africa?

 _What Subjects, Topics, and Issues Should Form Part of the Content of an Africanized Philosophy Curriculum?

The deadline for submissions is 1 June 2016 for publication in the SAJP Vol. 35 No. 4, 2016. Manuscripts should be 8000-10000 words in length (including references and footnotes) and adhere to the SAJP instructions for authors, available at:http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rsph20/current#.U8TfNF0aLIU http://www.nisc.co.za/journals?id=41

All manuscripts must be prepared for anonymous review and submitted to the SAJP online at http://www.edmgr.com/rsph/ where they will be sent out for peer review by the SAJP’s editorial team, under the guidance of the Guest Editor, Dr Edwin Etieyibo.

When you are asked to select a section/category please select the option ‘special edition’. Further enquiries can be addressed to: Edwin Etieyibo (Guest Editor) atEdwin.Etieyibo@wits.ac.za or Andrea Hurst (Editor-in-Chief) atandrea.hurst@nmmu.ac.za

The SAJP is the official journal of the Philosophical Society of Southern Africa. The journal is anonymously refereed, indexed and published by Taylor & Francis.

Final CFP for the PSSA Conference, 18-20 January 2016

Final CFP for the PSSA Conference, 18-20 January 2016 

University of Fort Hare, Crawfords, Chintsa (South Africa)

Deadline: 31 October 2015

This is the final call for papers for the annual conference of the Philosophical Society of Southern Africa.

The conference will be hosted by the Department of Philosophy and Centre for Leadership Ethics in Africa (University of Fort Hare) at Crawfords in Chintsa – www.crawfordsbeachlodge.co.za (Wild Coast, South Africa).

The conference organisers are Filip Maj, Chris Allsobrook and Abraham Olivier.

The date of the conference is 18-20 January (Monday-Wednesday) 2016.

The conference has no theme, and papers in all areas of philosophy are welcome. Abstracts of no more than 200 words should reach the conference organisers by 31 October 2015. Please submit to: pssa2016@gmail.com

Confirmation of papers accepted for the conference will take place by 15 November 2015. If you require this information at an earlier date (e.g. in order to obtain funding), please indicate this to the conference organisers.

As in the past, participants of the conference will be able to send their presentations for possible inclusion in a special 2016 conference edition of the South African Journal of Philosophy. Please note that submissions must be made online at http://rsph.edmgr.com/.

Please note that all accommodation arrangements are to be made by delegates themselves. For further information contact Crawfords: reservations@crawfordsbeachlodge.co.za. Secure accommodation early, since the conference takes place in holiday season. Info regarding alternative accommodation will be provided in the next CFP.

Transport to and from the airport to Chintsa should be arranged by the delegates themselves. Please contact Crawfords for those who want to share transport.

The registration fee for the conference is R660 (R280 per day, final day R100). This includes teas/coffees and lunches, but does not include a formal conference dinner. Informal evening gatherings will be arranged at Crawfords and other venues within walking distance from the conference venue.

The registration form will be available once notification of the acceptance of papers has been sent out in November. Attendees are requested to pay the registration fee in advance as soon as possible after November directly to Crawfords.

Members of the PSSA and Philosophy Departments in South Africa are kindly asked to distribute this notification about the conference to anyone who may be interested in attending or presenting.

Department of Philosophy. University of Fort Hare

Chris Hani Building. Church Street. 1st Floor. East London 7426


CFP: International Society for African Philosophy and Studies, 14 – 15 May 2015




DATE: MAY 14-15, 2015



Health, including environmental problems that bear on health issues (e.g., air quality, housing, potable water, sanitation, nutrition, health care and education, climate change, responses to health crises such as ebola)

Education, including all formal education from pre-school or headstart through professional and graduate degrees with emphasis on technology solutions to problems of resource scarcity and particular emphasis on the ethical obligations of African universities to their supporting communities

Economy, including foreign and domestic capital sourcing, changing employment demographics (rural and urban, farming and manufacturing), technology transfer, appropriate technology

Criminal justice, including anti-corruption measures, policing, judiciary and incarceration systems.


African ethics (e.g., ancient Egyptian and Ethiopian, Ubuntu, etc.), as distinct from other continental ethical systems (e.g. Asian, European, North American)

African universities’ ethical responsibilities to their supporting communities

The African experience in the diaspora as it bears in all its diversity on solutions to critical African problems

Macro and micro-appropriate technology in africa

African Union responsibility for continental education measures

A Pan African Curriculum for K-16


Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 April 2015

Abstract Format: Times Roman/12 point

Abstract Length: Maximum 250 Words

Send abstracts to: isaps.conference2015@gmail.com


Participants are encouraged to send suggestions for keynote speaker for the conference to isaps.conference2015@gmail.com.


Recommendations for accommodations will be posted shortly on the website.  Participants are encouraged to secure their reservations as soon as possible, as mid-May in Washington is the height of the spring tourist season.


Please address any inquiries to Professors Charles Verharen or Kola Abimbola, co-chairs of the organizing committee.  Professor Verharen is the current vice-president of ISAPS and Professor Abimbola is a past president of ISAPS.  Their emails arecverharen@howard.edu and kolapo.abimbola@howard.edu.


Please consult the ISAPS website:  http://isapsonline.wordpress.com/ 

10th Annual Conference Postgraduate Philosophy Association of Southern Africa (PPA)



DATE:             11th & 12th July 2015

PLACE:           University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg


The tenth annual conference of the Postgraduate Philosophy Association will this year be hosted by the University of the Witwatersrand, where it all began!  We are excited to be hosting the conference at Wits in the year that marks a decade of its existence and hope that is will be a memorable and inspiring weekend. 


Postgraduate students in all areas of Philosophy are invited to submit abstracts.  Please distribute this CFP as widely as possible.


Format of Conference:  Sessions will be 40 minutes long – please allow roughly 20-25 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for discussion and questions.

Chairs for each session will be appointed.

Abstracts: Please email abstracts of no more than 300 words toPPAconf2015@gmail.com

Abstracts should be submitted by 1 May 2015

Notification of acceptance will be sent by 25 May 2015

Guest Speaker: to be confirmed


Venue & Accommodation: The conference will be held at Wits University, East Campus in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.  Information regarding accommodation will be sent with the 2nd call for papers.


Conference Fee: There will be a conference fee of R300.  This will cover refreshments, lunch on both days, and stationery.

The conference dinner will be held on Saturday and will be at your own cost.

We look forward to reading your abstracts.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions at PPAconf2015@gmail.com