2nd CFP: African Philosophy and Global Justice

CFP: African Philosophy and Global Justice

Special Issue of Philosophical Papers
Editor: Uchenna Okeja, Rhodes University

This special issue will provide an avenue for philosophers to do African philosophy on global justice. Global justice discourse is concerned with the transnational distribution of goods and justice. ‘The true path to peace is shared development. If we do not want war to go global, justice must go global.’
(Lula, Former President of Brazil) We invite philosophers working within the African tradition to contribute to this discourse. Given the push to globalize the discourse on global justice, it is imperative to critically engage the potential contributions of African thought to this growing field.
Philosophical Papers invites submissions for a special issue devoted to the perspectives of African philosophy on global justice. Suggested questions for discussion include:
•       From the perspective of African philosophy, how should we define global justice?
•       What visions of global justice can we glean from African philosophers such as Kwasi Wiredu (sympathetic impartiality), Odera Oruka (human minimum) etc?
•       Given the egalitarian intuitions implicit in social practices and institutions in African societies (the concept of extended family, for instance), what model of global society/justice is most coherent?
•       Is African philosophy a struggle for global epistemic justice? And what does this mean for the debate on global justice?
•        What are the principles of global justice in African philosophy and why are they plausible?
•       What does Ubuntu have to say about global justice?
The deadline for submissions is 1 October 2016. This issue of Philosophical Papers, comprising both invited and submitted articles, will appear in March of 2017.
Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, as a pdf- or word-document attachment, to <philosophical.papers@ru.ac.za>. Authors must include their full name, affiliation, and address for email correspondence with their submission.
Further enquires may be addressed to either Uchenna Okeja at <u.okeja@ru.ac.za> or Ward E. Jones at <w.jones@ru.ac.za>.

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