CALL FOR PAPERS: ‘Transforming and Africanizing the Philosophy Curriculum’

CALL FOR PAPERS: ‘Transforming and Africanizing the Philosophy Curriculum’

(Special issue of the South African Journal of Philosophy)
Guest Editor: Edwin Etieyibo (University of the Witwatersrand)

In recent past there have been sustained debates and discussions in various quarters regarding the need to reflect on what we, as academics, are teaching students. These discussions have been cashed out within the broader arena of transformation and curriculum development. In these discussions there hasn’t been much on what it will mean to develop and transform the philosophy curriculum, and what the direction will be for an Africanized philosophy curriculum in universities in Africa.

This special issue of the South African Journal of Philosophy will gather together selected presentations from the “Africanizing the Philosophy Curricula in Universities in Africa” workshop that was held at the University of the Witwatersrand on Wednesday 16 September, 2015.

 Confirmed contributors to the Special Edition are:

 _Dr. David Martens (Wits)

 _Professor Ramose Mogobe (UNISA)

 _Professor Lucy Allais (Wits)

 _Professor Barry Hallen (Morehouse College, USA)

 _Dr. Edwin Etieyibo (Wits)

 _Professor Thaddeus Metz (University of Johannesburg)

 _Dr. John Lamola (Fort Hare)

 _Professor Pedro Tabensky (Rhodes University)

A further five contributions are here solicited to complement contributions from presenters at the workshop. Submissions should focus on the following topics:

 _Is Curriculum Transformation and Development Important?

 _Ought the Philosophy Curriculum in Universities in Africa be Africanized?

 _What does it mean to Africanize the Philosophy Curriculum?

 _Is it Possible to Africanize the Philosophy Curriculum in Universities in Africa?

 _What are the Prospects, Problems and Challenges of Africanizing the Philosophy Curriculum in Universities in Africa?

 _What Subjects, Topics, and Issues Should Form Part of the Content of an Africanized Philosophy Curriculum?

The deadline for submissions is 1 June 2016 for publication in the SAJP Vol. 35 No. 4, 2016. Manuscripts should be 8000-10000 words in length (including references and footnotes) and adhere to the SAJP instructions for authors, available at:

All manuscripts must be prepared for anonymous review and submitted to the SAJP online at where they will be sent out for peer review by the SAJP’s editorial team, under the guidance of the Guest Editor, Dr Edwin Etieyibo.

When you are asked to select a section/category please select the option ‘special edition’. Further enquiries can be addressed to: Edwin Etieyibo (Guest Editor) or Andrea Hurst (Editor-in-Chief)

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