Wittgenstein and Meaning in Life: In Search of the Human Voice – Reza Hosseini

We are happy to announce that Reza Hosseini, our colleague at the Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics at Rhodes University, recently published a book on Wittgenstein: 
Title:  Wittgenstein and Meaning in Life: In Search of the Human Voice.
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

World Congress of Philosophy 2018

Dear Colleagues,

the Steering Committee of Fisp, during its last session held in Bangkok, Thailand, on March 29, 2015, has considered the proposals made by the Programme Committee of the 24th World Congress of Philosophy (Beijing 2018), and approved the main structure of the Congress.

I am pleased to attach here — in English and French — the essential information concerning the Congress (title in the various official languages, dates, etc.) along with the approved list of Plenary sessions, Symposia, and thematic Sections of the Congress. All this information is likely to reach you soon again through the First Circular of the Congress, to be diffused by our Chinese colleagues. The First Circular will also include other information, such as the contact for the Secretariat of the Congress, the rules and deadlines for submitting papers as well as proposals for round tables and Societies meetings, the fees of the Congress, and other relevant information. The same documents will be then posted on Fisp website (fisp.org).

The next step towards the Congress will consist of proposing potential speakers for the various parts of the Congress (Plenary Sessions and Symposia), as well as chairs for each of the 98 sections for submitted papers (usually, more than one chair per section). This will be the main business of the next meeting of the Programme Committee, to be held in Beijing, China, on Sept 4-5, 2015. Its recommendations will subsequently be submitted to the approval of the Steering Committee in 2016.

As it is customary, I am pleased to solicit your suggestions to this effect, as a way to prepare the work of the Programme Committee. In particular, proposals in the following areas will be appreciated:

1) proposals of speakers for the Plenary sessions and Symposia;
2) proposals of chairs for one (or more than one) of the 98 thematic sections of the Congress.

Concerning the latter point, may I mention that, during the first meeting of the Programme Committee, it was stressed that the choice of chairs for these thematic sections should not only take into account the nominees’ scholarly expertise in a particular domain, but also their commitment to solicit papers, encourage submissions, and involve scholars in the area they would be in charge of. I take the liberty of underlining this recommendation as the role of Section chairs is crucial to the good development of the Congress.

For your complete information, I would like to recall that, according to Fisp habit, each member of the Steering Committee will be asked to chair one of the thematic sections of the Congress, according to his or her own area of specialization and/or competence.

Your proposals, along with those submitted by the members of the Steering Committee (to whom I am also about to write), will be noted and brought to the attention of the Programme Committee at its next meeting, in September. Therefore, I would appreciate receiving your suggestions by the end of July.

Finally, let me invite you to visit the website of Fisp (fisp.org), and check if the information concerning your Society, Institute or Association is correctly updated. In case you find any wrong or outdated information, please let me know.

Needless to say, feel free to contact me for any further query, request, or clarification you might need.

Yours most cordially,

Luca Maria Scarantino
Secretary-general of FISP.

Prof. Dr. Luca M. Scarantino
Philosophy and Politics of Culture, IULM University
Secretary-general of Fisp
General Editor, Diogenes
International Center for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione – IULM
Via Carlo Bo 1 –  I-20143 MilanoWCP 2018 – Structure